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Monday, August 26, 2013

My 1st Vegetable Garden: Basic Trellising for Your Spring and Fall Container Peas

My 1st Vegetable Garden: 
Basic Trellising for Your Spring and Fall Container Peas

If you have experience growing peas in containers this video probably covers what you already know. If you are just starting in the world of gardening... this video will provide you with two basic ways to trellis your container peas.

Peas are outstanding cool weather vegetables and many gardeners can grow them in the spring and fall. Peas are very fragile in that they have hollow stems that break easily. If they were to flop over containers, they would easily snap on a windy day. A trellis gives them a place to climb and support themselves against wind.

When your peas are about 6 inches tall they will start sending out tendrils to grab onto things. That is the time you want to have a trellis set up. A trellis will let your peas grow to full height and it will let them reach their full pea pod production.

Here are two videos from my new YouTube Channel geared toward first time gardeners, it is called My First Vegetable Garden. The channel will walk new gardeners through seed starting, planting, tending and harvesting vegetables. There are 2 videos so far in the series of planting container peas.

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