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Friday, August 23, 2013

My 1st Vegetable Garden: How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds from Your Garden - MFG 2013

How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds from Your Garden 

Vegetable seeds can last years once harvested and stored. You can save yourself a lot of money. Cucumber seeds are really easy to harvest if you let the cucumbers swell to 3 or 4x's picking size and let them turn an yellow orange color. The seeds will be mature and they can be removed and dried on a plate. You will have seeds for the next year or two.

I am also starting a new YouTube Channel called My First Vegetable Garden. It differs from my main channel in that I am assuming you are brand new to gardening. The videos are longer, as I spend more time explaining all the gardening components in the video. Please join and spread the word. I will be doing videos through the end of this season but will start again with starting seeds indoors. Why not sign on?

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