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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Basics to Planting Blueberries: Acidify the Soil with Peat Moss

The Basics to Planting Blueberries:
Acidify the Soil with Peat Moss

Blueberries are hardy bushes that can be grown in many gardening zones.  They are easy to grow and can even handle some shade. The more sun the better, but you can tuck them into your garden in those partial shade areas.

The most important thing to know about blueberries is they like soil that is a little more acidic. They also don't like soggy roots  and do better being planted in places that drain out well.

The best way to plant blueberries is to dig out a hole about 3x's the size of the root-ball. Toss in two shovels full of peat moss and work it into the bottom of the hole, breaking up the bottom as much as you can. You can put in a tablespoon of fertilizer too. I also add in a tablespoon of Epsom Salts.

The rest of the hole should be filled up with 50% of the soil you dug out and 50% peat moss. Fill the hole up and mix every thing in. After that, just dig out a planting hole, gently loosen the outer part of the blueberries root-ball and plant level to the depth of container soil. You can add an inch or two of mulch when done.

The video shows you the whole process, highlights the key points and shows you mature plants.

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