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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fresh from the Garden: Asparagus, Spinach, Leeks and Garlic Sauteed with Rice

Fresh from the Garden
Asparagus, Spinach, Leeks and Garlic
Sauteed with Rice

Fresh from the Garden - The Rusted Garden Blog

I am going to run a regular blog and video series called Fresh from the Garden. Based on my time, I will either make a video or take some pictures and create a blog entry.

This is my first meal out of the garden for 2013. Woohoo! The leeks and spinach are over-wintered vegetables. The garlic was planted last September or October and I picked it immature. The asparagus is up and growing literally inches a day.

For this series I will show you the vegetables in the garden, cleaned up, cut up and finally cooked up.

The basic sautee is olive oil and salt. I sauteed the thinly sliced leeks and garlic until soft. I added the asparagus, cut in pieces, and warmed it through. The spinach was washed and left wet. The water will make steam. I added the spinach into the sautee and let it soften through. Once cooked gently down, I added the rice.

Delicious.... did I say my first 2013 garden harvest!

Over-Wintered Spinach - The Rusted Garden Blog

The spinach was planted late fall and I constructed a PVC greenhouse around it. I made a video about it. It worked and I have mature spinach.  The leeks were planted in the summer as seedlings and left alone to mature.

Over-Wintered Leeks - The Rusted Garden Blog
Immature Garlic - The Rusted Garden Blog

Garlic can be harvested before it is ready. It does have a different taste but the garlic flavor comes through. The asparagus is doing its thing. I highly recommend an asparagus plot in your garden.

Asparagus Spears - The Rusted Garden Blog

Here is the basic cooking process in pictures. Nothing fancy just fresh vegetables heated through.

Four Ingredients Just Picked - The Rusted Garden Blog
Freshly Prepared Garden Vegetables - The Rusted Garden Blog
Freshly Sauteed Garden Vegetables - The Rusted Garden Blog
Spinach Added - The Rusted Garden Blog
Fresh Vegetables from the Garden - The Rusted Garden Blog

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