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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Garden Tour: Early April 2013 - All My Tomato and Vegetable Transplants

Early April Garden Tour of The Rusted Garden

So the weather here has gone from unfriendly cold nights with frost for 3 weeks to 90 degrees today. Records are being broken in both the wrong directions. Mother Nature has brought some havoc to my garden but I am managing okay. I am hoping for 60 and 70 degree days at some point.  I have a lot of cool weather crops to plant and grow.

Here is a tour of my garden as of early April. I will be doing 1 or 2 tours of the garden each month as to show you how it is progressing. In this video you will see all the plants I have been growing indoors. Some are in cups, some are in the ground but you get to see how 'the stars' of the past 2013 videos are turning out.

So it is good to see a lot of what I am teaching is mostly successful.  Wait t till you see all the plants in cups under cover. And that is just half of them! Enjoy.

You will see...

Kholrabi transplants
'Leggy' beet transplants
All the onoins and leek transplants
Over-wintered container greens
Shelf unit greenhouses
Tomato and vegetable transplants in cups
Chicken wire rabbit barriers (3 Types)
And... rotted out raised bed frames

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