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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

60 Seconds or Sow: Acclimating Indoor Tomatoes Outdoors with Milk Containers

60 Seconds or Sow:
'Hardening Off' Indoor Tomatoes Directly into Your Garden

Acclimating transplants is the process of slowly introducing them to the sun, wind and weather over a weeks period of time. Plants grown inside don't have the 'toughness' to be outside. This process is also called 'hardening off' your transplants. Over a weeks period of time, starting with an hour a day of sun and working the time upwards, plants should be slowly introduced to the elements.

One way to save time and forgo the 1 week period of 'hardening off' your transplants or acclimating them to the environment is to use milk containers with the lids OFF. Don't keep them on, as you might over heat your transplants.

The basic idea is that the milk container blocks a good degree of the sun's intensity. Your plant won't get sun-scald. You can use the containers to cover you plants over a 5-7 day period of time to 'harden' them off while they are directly planted in the garden or a container.

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