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Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Plant Your Onion Seedlings/Transplants in the Garden

How to Plant Your Onion Seedlings/Transplants in the Garden

Finally, spring has arrived. After tonight we get 40+ degree nights. That's onion, kales and lettuce weather. Oh and radishes, peas and chard if your counting.

This weekend I planted a lot of my onions and leeks into the garden. The first video below demonstrates that process. These are the onion transplants I have done several videos on that hopefully showed you how to over plant them in seed cells and raise your own onion and leek transplants for pennies. Well finally,  at about 10-12 weeks... I got them into the ground.

I am going to include all 3 videos that show you how to plant and grow the onions/leeks, get them ready and finally transplant them into the garden.

A few keys:

  • Onion and leeks are sturdy plants with sturdy roots. You can grow 5-10 seedlings in a cell. 
  • Keep them watered and they will mature in the tiny cell.
  • Give them a drink of 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer  a couple of times after 4 or 5 weeks.
  • The plant roots are strong and easily unthread from each other.
  • You can end up with 100's of transplants for about $5.

*You do have to 'harden off' your transplants for about 5-7 days before you put them in the ground. Onions and leeks require a couple hours of sun and weather each day to get them ready for planting. Just bring them in and out for a few days.

You plant onions and leeks the same way. The depth of planting is just below the point where you see new shoots coming out of the plants.  Follow the spacing directions that are on the pack. I tend to plant them closer together and I remove every other plants at different stages to eat them. That leaves space for some onions to fully mature.

Planting Video:

Seed Starting and Unthreading Transplants Video:

This is the first video shot in January. It explains the process and what will happen. Of course the above two videos showed you the outcome and they did stress much of what is in this third video. But if you want to see the garden transplanted onions as sprouts... this video is for you.

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  1. I just started following your blog. What zone are you in? I missed your plant sale though. You posted your address but no city or state.
    Stafford,VA Zone 7

    1. Im in 7. The dates are in the post below. I am in Maryland. But the sale isnt that exciting for a long haul from VA. Email me if you would like the full address.

  2. Hey Gary, quick question for you. I used the seeds that I wanted to for this year. How and where should I store them for use next year?

    1. In something sealed that is stored indoors where it is cool. You can find containers at craft stores. Sealing them in envelopes and taping the edges down works too.


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