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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Winter Greens and Greenhouse Update

We have been hit with multiple nights of frost. The days are in the 50's and it is mid November. The mini greenhouse I made out of plastic painters cloth and PVC pipe is working perfectly. I had to punch a few holes in the top so water would drain but besides that it is very effective. If you look closely you can see ice in the first photo.

I found that it is a good idea to open the greenhouse up when you have nice days. I had a little infestation of insects that were promptly dispersed when the wind blew threw.

The greenhouse video can be found at my YouTube site. It will be using it to get greens out earlier in the spring and to harden-off my plants I will be starting indoors come January and February.

November Greens Grown in My Mini Greenhouse - The Rusted Garden Blog

Greens in a PVC Greenhouse - The Rusted Garden Blog
I am letting these greens grow to full size and I will be cutting them off as to leave the roots in the ground. The roots will send up more leaves!

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