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Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Tomato and Vegetable Seed Catalogs: Part Three

 I have ordered catalogs from all the sites I am linking. Don't hesitate to order your seed catalogs, book mark them or download their PDF files. November and December are great months to plan your garden and order seeds that will need to be started indoors. I start most of my seeds in February but some slow growing perennials and herbs can be started in January. Lavender and Rosemary are two herbs that can use extra time indoors. I will be blogging and vlogging all aspects of vegetable gardening this year for 2013. Let's see how organized I can be and how interesting I can make it. The first step... seed catalogs.

Harris Seeds Catalog
Henry Field's Seed Catalog
High Mowing Organic Seeds Catalog
Kitazawa Seed Co. Catalog
NESeed Seed Catalog
Park Seed Co. Catalog

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