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Friday, November 23, 2012

Garden Seed Catalog Review: Dixondale Farms - ONIONS

Reviewing the Dixon Dale Onion Catalog - The Rusted Garden Blog
What I love about this catalog is they have 100 years of experience growing onions and that is all they focus on, aside from leeks.  They break everything down as if they have a 100 years of specialty experience. Which of course they do. They tell you when to order based on your zip code and break the USA into 3 planting zones: Long-Day, Intermediate-Day, Short-Day. Each zone gets its own varieties of onions for your growing pleasure. You can order without being overwhelmed and get exactly the onions you need for your area.

They sell their onion in bunches, not bulbs, and you get 50-75 onion per bunch. The prices are the same for all onion types. They are expensive for 1 bunch at $11 but you quickly get discounts for ordering more than 1 bunch that makes the price reasonable. Plus the shipping is free. If you order multiple bunches, I consider the price extremely fair.

Here are some pictures of the catalog pages. I highly recommended getting the catalog, if not to order, to get some really great information on growing and planting onions.  I will be ordering my onion bunches from them this year.

Dixondale Farms Seed Catalog (Onions) - The Rusted Garden Blog
Onion Planting Zones
I learned more information from this catalog in 10 minutes than I learned over last 5 years trying to read about onion planting and harvesting on-line. They also give you a bunch of growing tips. You can also find more information at their web-site to help you grow onions perfectly.

Onion Growing Tips - The Rusted Garden Blog

The catalog also sells products to maintain your onions which include fertilizers, disease products and storing stockings. I really recommend ordering the catalog. You can find link on my Free Catalog Blog entries for Nov 2013. I can check onions off my 2013 vegetable garden planning list.

Happy Holiday!

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been having a hard time trying to figure whether I need short-day or long-day onions, and just from your pictures I can see why... I'm in intermediate-day. I will be checking out their website and requesting a catalog for sure.

  2. I really learned a lot from that catalog. Im glad it helped. I feel like I know what to grow next year. Now I have to improve my dreaded clay soil.


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