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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Gardener's Perspective: Florida's Politicians are an Embarrassment to America

How can we possibly allow Florida and it's politicians, create a modern version of oppression in the streets of America? Have we not fought  wars under our flag for democracy and freedom? Do we not let our children die and risk death to fight for our freedoms? How is it that I can vote in 20 minutes standing behind a group of over 200 people and fellow Americans have to stand in line for 7 hours to exercise their right to vote? Where is the outrage that should rain down on all the players that not only orchestrated the plan to cause this to happen in Florida, but also on those that stood quietly and allowed it to happen?

Don't be fooled by the intellectual tricks and tired argument for an ID. Burden of proof should not rest upon the voter but on those that challenge an individuals' right to vote. There is no reason for anyone to stand in line for 7 hours to vote but to create an atmosphere of oppression against others. If for any reason, but to purposely make an American stand in line for more than 1 hour to vote and deter them from voting, is Florida not helping it's citizens vote. I would like an explanation. It defies logic and all that is good in humanity. What does the Governor of Florida have to say to this question - Why have you not made it easier for the people you serve to vote? It defies all that we stand for as Americans. It makes me sick and angry.

Throw away the conspiracy theories. Toss out spite and political gain and simply look to logic. Why would any politician or practical human being not make voting easier on it's citizens? I have a garden. When my hose won't reach a newly dug garden bed, I buy a new hose to attach to the old one. I don't stretch the hose as far as it goes and then fill buckets to carry water to my furthest bed. I spend money to make my life easier. Why is this not being done in Florida? Open more areas for voting! Simple. I don't move delivered compost and earth from my front yard one shovel at a time, I use a wheelbarrow. I make adjustments to taking care of my garden so it is easier on me. Simplify your voting mechanism. Isn't that the responsibility of politicians and Florida? To make it easier for human beings of any race, age, affiliation or religion to exercise their right to vote?

You are witnessing modern oppression. What are you going to do about it? Please speak out and send your outrage out to others. Win or lose, Americans have the right to easily vote.

A Gardener's Perspective

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