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Friday, November 30, 2012

Creative Gardeners Wanted: A Poem about Simplicity

Now I am not saying creativity breeds anything more than well... something creative. One of the reason I enjoy gardening is because I am creating. I view it as a form of art. All our effort and energy, as gardeners, gets transformed and carried into something living. That is very cool when you think about it.

I believe gardeners hold a common theme that binds us together in life philosophy and points of view. So yeah, I am saying we are a creative bunch. What we create is done through enjoying the process and not worrying about the outcomes and critics (snails and slugs). In short, we do what we do because we enjoy creating in our plot of earth..

There is a beauty and an innate pleasure in turning the earth and planting a seed that you only get if  you get it.

I also know gardener's creativity extend beyond the garden. I hope to give you a forum to display your creative sides. I enjoy writing poetry, taking pictures and creating garden videos. I also paint abstractly.

The new Rusted Vegetable Garden Discussion Forum will hold a place for any gardener to show off their creative side. Feel free to show off your garden or other sides of your creativity. The link is below.

Here is a poem I wrote about simplicity.

You can find more about this poem in the discussion forum. I break down what each stanza means. Why not visit the link and post some of your creativity? The Rusted Vegetable Garden Forum: Creative Gardeners

A Worn Shovel

Of old and new
Against modern colors
I’ll take the taint of black
Edges so dull
Rusted blades
Carvings in solid stone

Breath of sunlight
In sightless shades
I’ll take mine pure and deep
Choking weeds
Unturned ground
Growing slowly tangled

Of showers and storms
Drowning with benevolence
I’ll take the purest fall
Soaking earth
Swelling seeds
A purpose to be enjoyed 

Copyright September 2006 Gary Pilarchik

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