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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Storing Tomato Seeds: Heirloom Seeds Packed for 2013

On the cold days when there is little to do in the garden, it becomes time to work on inside projects. I saved a lot of tomato seeds this year for the 2013 season. This morning, I packed them away for the winter.

Tomato seeds can maintain their viability for years. I have had tomato seeds last 4 years. The key is to make sure you store them in a cool place and keep them in air tight containers. Here are the pictures of how I store my seeds. The seeds are kept in pill type containers I bought at a craft store. The individual containers then go into another large container that closes tightly. You want to keep the air out. Seeds have a bit of moisture in them. If that dries out. The seeds won't be viable.

My 2013 Seeds Stored After Fermentation - The Rusted Garden Blog
Tomato Seeds in Air Tight Containers -The Rusted Garden Blog
Tomato Seeds Stored Until 2013 - The Rusted Garden Blog

For the curious that is a bag of Stevia seeds. I grew that this year for the first time. The original seed pack was $3.50 or so for about 10 seeds. I hope to save a little money and sell Stevia plants at my plant sale next year.

Here is the video of how you ferment tomato seeds and why this process is needed.

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