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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Video: Making A Simple Jute (String) Trellis - Vertical Gardening

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Vertical gardening or also known as trellis gardening is a great way to add space to your garden. A 4x8 foot raised bed can also be trellised (if that's a word) to include another 4x8 vertical space or more. You can grow you cucumbers and other light vine crops up a trellis. Another video I did shows you how to create a chicken-wire trellis that measure 3x8 feet.

Jute is an organic fiber that is green friendly. I use it for everything in the garden. Although you missed the window to plant fall peas, a jute trellis is a great way to grow peas. You can set up your trellis now in the fall, so come spring, you can grow you peas vertically. Unlike cucumbers that can sprawl on the ground, peas are quite fragile and really do their best climbing. A jute trellis is nothing more than tieing off string. Who can't do that?

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