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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LifeLock Helps Protect You From Identity Theft and Fraud

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifeLock Facebook for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over 11 million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2011. The odds are you know someone that has had their identity stolen, mail stolen or online information compromised. The average cost associated with identify fraud for someone that has to go through the process of dealing with identify thieves is about $1500. LifeLock offers you service and protection against identity theft. LifeLock's website is easy to use and understand and it clearly describes how they can help you from becoming a victim to identity theft.

I know several families that have had mail stolen. Lifelock in this case, would notify you of credit applications and usage of your personal information to open credit accounts or make large purchases. Fast notification, means less headaches. Sometimes this is the only way to know your personal information has been stolen.

Maybe it is not your mail that gets stolen. Maybe you have  had  your passwords stolen. How hack friendly is your password?  Using LifeLock and learning how to better protect your personal information will save you future headaches and hassles.  Did you know a 6 character password with no symbol can be hacked by a professional in under 1 second.  A 10 character password with 1 symbol can take up to 20 days to be hacked by a professional. They use tools to steal from you. You should use LifeLock to better protect your identity from them.

Want to see how LifeLock is doing, check out  LifeLock on Facebook.  You can find out about people's experiences with identity theft and what happened to them. Of the 11 million identity victims; 6.6% of victims are smartphone owners, 6.8% of them are social media users that click on the applications and 10.1% of the victims are LinkedIn users. Theft is out there. While no one can prevent your identity from being stolen, LifeLock can help better protect your identity from being stolen.  It can also help limit damages by notifying you of unauthorized credit use that is related to your information.


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