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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Pea Success in Maryland Zone 7

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I hope you got a round of peas in for the fall. I know it is hard to keep planting sometimes but the rewards pay off. In my area (Zone 7), you get a cool weather fall planting season. It is Oct 2nd and my August planted peas have matured. I have been picking pods. The containers held cucumbers, tomatoes and basil. I removed the cucumbers and tomatoes in August and planted peas.

If you look closely you can see dozen vines climbing on the old cages. The basil is still alive, mixed in with the peas. The trellis on top of the cages was place there when I cut the grass. When I came back to move it, oh weeks later, the peas grow through it. So it stays!

You may have to click the photo to enlarge and see the peas. The 'Sarah's Galapagos' is a bit distracting. But it is still producing currant type tomatoes.

Fall Peas in Maryland Zone 7 - The Rusted Garden Blog

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