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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st: What's Going On in The Rusted Garden?

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It's fall. The nights are hitting the 40's and the days are resting nicely in the mid 70's I achieved a lot of garden goals this year. The big goal was getting my videos done. The other big goal is cleaning up my garden this fall and building all the new beds that I want for spring. I actually have a plan this fall for my 2013 garden. Well... a general plan that is a bit more detailed than last year. Here is some of what is going in my garden.

The of 'Sarah's Galapagos': The Rusted Garden
My container gardens were quite successful this year. This is all that remains of the tomatoes. Below are clay pots I used to attract toads. I redesigned my herb garden this month and did a complete over-haul. The sage is all that remained of a large bush that died back.

My Renovated Herb Garden with Sage: The Rusted Garden

Lavender in A Box - The Rusted Garden
Lavender grows quite well in boxes. It is nice to have around the raised beds. It attract bees and good insects and it smell great when you brush against it. The tomatoes were another goal. I got large tomatoes into October. Be it only 1 day. I did it.

The Last of Large Tomatoes and Purple Basil- The Rusted Garden

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