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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Cool Weather Container Lettuces, Greens and Radishes

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I mention I want to harvest into November.  Here are my bucket and container gardens. I planted several kinds of lettuce. The 'Black Seeded Simpson' is the fastest growing lettuce. The spinach is doing well. I also planted cilantro, arugula and two kinds of radishes.

I planted radishes to see if they would grow in containers in a useful way. I have standard round in one container and the other one holds 6-8 inch long tap radishes. So far so good.

The interesting thing about greens is many of them can freeze, so light frost is no big deal. Spinach often actually over-winters. The seeds in here were planted toward the end of August. Again, fall planting of cool weather vegetables works.

The other thing you can do and you can see my buckets are over-seeded, is transplant them. I will transplant a lot of the greens into a new 12 inch raised bed I made. It is my attempt to stop the rabbit that has taken up homestead in my garden. Damn rabbit! Gardens are for adults.

Fall Greens and Radishes Container Garden - The Rusted Garden Blog


  1. Is now too late to plant lettuces and spinach, do you think? I'm in Iowa. We get freezing winters also. :)

    1. If you have about 40 days left of mostly nights in the low 40's or higher, you have time.

      If you were to try it, I would over plant lots of seeds and then you could cut baby lettuces and spinach for salads. You might have a tuff time getting big lettuce.

      In my Zone 7 spinach survives the winter and grows in Feb and March for a harvest.


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