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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Chard, Peas and Leeks: Cool Weather Gardening

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I ate these vegetables last week in a stir-fry. I feel pretty good about achieving a goal of eating into the fall. As of October 14th,  I can still eat out of the garden. I just built a plastic wrap mini greenhouse and hope to get greens into December. A new goal.

Fall gardening, as I mentioned, is well and good in Maryland Zone 7. Here is what I picked last week and a little bit of what they look like prepared to be cooked.

Fall Swiss Chard, Leeks & Peas - The Rusted Garden Blog

Cleaned-Up Swiss Chard in the Fall - The Rusted Garden Blog

Swiss Chard is a great garden vegetable. It is a cool favoring crop that grows through the summer and comes back like a monster in the fall. You prepare the stalks like celery. It has a different taste but a great similiar crunch without the celery string. It readily absorbs the seasonings of the dish.

Sliced Swiss Chard Stalks for Stir-Fry - The Rusted Garden Blog

Below are the vegetables prepared as going into my stir-fry. The swiss chard leaves were chopped. They can be used in salads. I didn't stir-fry them. I made a bed of greens out of them and put the stir-fry on top of them at plating.

Fall Garden Vegetable Stir-Fry - The Rusted Garden Blog

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