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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Fall Garden Surives Hurricane Sandy

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We were very lucky only to lose power for a few hours. We had winds over 60 miles an hour and got our share of rain. The Rusted Garden survived. Here is an update of the fall garden. Don't forget you can get 2 seasons of cool weather crops.

Container Fall Greens - The Rusted Garden Blog

You can grow great greens in buckets or 5 gallon containers. I am also growing radishes which was an experiment. They are do fairly well but aren't getting to size like a raised bed planted radish. You see arugula, lettuces and cilantro in the picture.

The saran wrap green house was a video I made on my YouTube Garden Channel. I can safely say the design was sturdy but it can't withstand 60 plus mile per hour winds.

Saran Wrap Green House Hit by Hurricane - The Rusted Garden Blog
Kale Blown Over by Hurricane Sandy - The Rusted Garden

Kale will survive the winter here in Maryland and it will grow new leaves come spring. It is a biennial. It will also flower in the spring. You can eat the sweet yellow flowers in salads. Below is my Swiss Chard. It got knocked down but will continue to produce until a hard frost.

Swiss Chard Blown Down by Hurricane - The Rusted Garden Blog

Video of the garden and pictures if you would like to view it.

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