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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Frost is Coming: Saran Wrap, Dark Trash Bags, and Pots to Prevent Frost Damage

The frost will hit Maryland tonight if you are  in the right areas. We even have some snow coming. The ground is very warm and our friend at this point. It is worth battling the first few frosts because you might be able to extend the season for several more weeks. Once the frost is in the picture for 3 or 4 consecutive days, it's time to give up the garden.

You can fully wrap a tomato cage in Saran Wrap and create a green house. This is good for taller plants like my peas. Tuck the plants inside the cage and wrap. You want to do this in the morning so the sun has time to heat up the space.

You can put your containers in black trash bags and seal the top, just like you are throwing them away. Again, do this in the morning and let heat collect.

If you have lettuce or other grown crops in beds, a black plastic pot can be set on top of  them like a dome. You can even use your empty 5 gallon buckets for bigger plants.

These methods will by you some degrees in cold and frost protection. And they work. Remember a lot of cold weather crops can take a light frost. Protecting them today could buy you a few more weeks of greens and  vegetables.


  1. I covered my containers with a clear plastic drop cloth. My lettuce only needs another week or so. I hope they make it

  2. I hope they made it. Last night was a good frost. I didn't get to covering mine. I'll see how they faired when I get home.


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