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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frost and Lettuces and Greens: They Survive

Well, I know what to do to protect against frost. Can't say I did it this time. My tomatoes and peppers are done but the greens and lettuces frosted and survived. Even the peas, oddly, made it through a light frost. 

Snow, Frost and Lettuce: Gary Pilarchik

Snow, Frost and more Lettuce: Gary Pilarchik
It want to stress that greens and lettuce are great cool weather crops and can survive the cold and frost. The above pictures was ice and snow. The pictures below are how the plants look after 2 night of frost and below freezing weather. No issues. So grow some Fall greens next year. According to the weather I will have at least 1 more week of no frost nights. More greens for my salads. My garden has made it into November. I harvested leeks over the weekend and made chicken soup with them. The leeks will tolerate frost too.

Red Romaine 2 Nights of Light Frost: Gary Pilarchik

Container Lettuces Resist Frost: Gary Pilarchik

The cold weather brings a sweetness to greens and lettuces you just don't get during Spring and the warm periods. Lettuces and greens can freeze. The cell structures are a bit different. The ice doesn't burst their cell structure. Now prolong freezing will kill the plant. But they can take even a pretty hard frost.

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