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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fully Frozen Frosted Greens and Lettuces: Bets?

It is 6:32 am and I just gained an hour of sleep although technically we subtracted an hour and I slept the same length of time.

Here are some pictures of my greens as of about 10 minutes ago. I am in the suburbs so I typically get 3-5 degrees lower temps then what is on the news. I did miss this frost was coming. But I am going to bet 90% of my greens are okay. Ill see'll how they look this afternoon.

If they are wilting, their cells were ruptured by the frost bursting their cells. Greens and lettuce have some resistance to this.

Frosted Greens and Lettuce: Gary Pilarchik/The Rusted Garden

Frosted Red Romaine: Gary Pilarchik/The Rusted Garden

Frosted Arugla and Endive: Gary Pilarchik/The Rusted Garden

A Frosted and Frozen Container Garden: Gary Pilarchik/The Rusted Garden

Frosted Loose Leaf Red Lettuce: Gary Pilarchik/The Rusted Garden


  1. That was a pretty bad frost. Did they make it?? I have been just leaving the clear plastic loosly draped haven't gotten bit yet

  2. Yes they did. Perfectly minus a few dead leaves. I just haven't had time to post it. And it frosted again last night. The greens are pretty sturdy.


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