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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Greens of Fall and Winter and Eventually Spring: Lettuces and Kales

This weekend, I will be updating my blog with some pictures of greens. I did tire out in August but was able to get some greens into seed trays. I got most of them into the ground or into containers. I also planted a lot of radishes in spots I cleared out in the garden. I do still have weeds and dead tomatoes to clear out but I am trying my best to garden through all 4 seasons.

I will be revealing my sweet potatoes... that sounds odd but hopefully, I didn't wait to long to dig them up.

All though my potato bags failed, I did put potatoes in pots that I will also dump this weekend. Hopefully they are full of baby potatoes.

I have leeks I planted back in June I think? I ate a bunch but they sure love the cold weather. They are huge. And getting bigger every day.

My cilantro is loving the cold weather.

Peas are moving along.

Anyway, I will get to updating the blog with some October 22nd and 23rd pictures to show you what can be grown through October in Maryland and related Zone 7 areas.

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