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Monday, October 17, 2011

Drip Irrigation Sytems and Container Gardens

The nemesis to container gardening isn't only insects or disease but it very often is watering or moisture control. I have been using containers for vegetable gardening for years and they seem to do well until the heat of July and August hit. Within a day, you can actually have a container dry out and damage your plants. Tomatoes are especially susceptible to moisture damage which shows up as cracked fruit or blossom-end rot.

This year I am determined to find an irrigation system that works for both my earth gardens and container gardens. I tried going to my local do-it-yourself stores but it was just too expensive or difficult to find what I needed.  That lead me to go on line to find a specialty shop.  I searched  irrigation supplies and found the Irrigation Supply Outlet.

When I say they have everything, it is not an exaggeration. You can buy individual supplies and parts for drip systems, lawn irrigation systems,  landscape supplies and even landscape lighting. What I like about them is I can research a design on-line and decide what kind of drip irrigation system I want to create. They have every part or piece you could need for designing your own tailor made system. They even have parts and supplies for hydroponics which I might look into for the future. My plan is to use the Winter to figure out the best design for a container irrigation system and  build it during the cold months. There is always something to do for the gardener. Irrigation system this year and hydroponics next year!

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