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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leeks in October: Growing Over 100 Days

Leeks are in the onion family. I planted my leeks from seeds in seed trays. They were very easy to transplant. I over planted in seed cells and gently broke the leeks into single strands. I think I planted most of them in June.

I ate them through the summer and the pictures below are leeks I let grow. The look even better now mid October.

Leeks in October: Gary Pilarchik

You can see the leeks coming up around the fallen blackberry brambles. The leek greens are good to eat too.

Larger October Leeks: Gary Pilarchik

You can see the remains of newspaper I used as mud and disease barrier for cumbers that were grown next to the leeks.

More Smaller October Leeks: Gary Pilarchik

Another bunch of leeks, I planted more closely together. The weeds are around but the garden still holds vegetables I can eat.

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