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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Red Romaine Lettuce in the Fall: Outstanding Color!

Red, for a lettuce has been both myth and fact as a color the seems to deter snails and slugs. I can attest to the truth that my red lettuces tend to be left alone by slugs and snails... when there is other stuff to eat in the garden.

If you have nothing tender for them to eat, they will go to the red lettuces. But in the Fall you tend to have to worry less about those pests. Red lettuce, in this case, a Red Romaine looks beautiful in the Fall. No special variety, just Red Romaine. The cooler weather lets the reds become redder. I want to encourage everyone to think about Fall greens or in this case reds, in your Zone 7 garden. 

Red Romaine in the Fall: Gary Pilarchik

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