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Monday, October 24, 2011

Finding the Supplies and Tools for Next Year's Garden

One of the things I like about Zone 7 gardening in Maryland is that you get all four seasons. Each season brings on its on challenge for the gardener and requires specialized tools and preparation. We don't often think of gardening beyond a shovel, dirt and some seeds but we do need and use (and deserve!) the right kind of tools and equipment. I think one of the best ways to find equipment and supplies for all our gardening and landscaping needs is on-line. I particularly found the site Canada Post helpful. It provides you with pricing comparisons for all the things you could possibly need to manage your garden and grounds. This is what I do during the Winter to pass the time. I call it research.

I like this site because it provides information with equipment pictures, prices, details and locations of the products as found all over the United States in our local do-it-yourself and garden shops. Knowledge is the key to a great garden and great savings gives us more seed money. Using this site lets you find what you need and it lets you compare prices. You can view 100's if not 1000's of items comparatively by most popular, lowest price or by best deal. It really is a great site for information.

With Winter coming and judging by the 38 degree night, soon snow will begin to fall. There isn't much to do in the garden during the Winter but there is a lot of time to begin planning next year's garden. This site will let you compare every supply or piece of equipment you will need for the garden and once that is done, you can even price shop clothing, electronics and just about everything imaginable. I've been browsing through gardening tools, power washers, chemical sprayers and chemicals and with snow just around the corner snowblowers. I would much rather turn the earth and open up more garden beds then shovel away two feet of snow. The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a big Winter around my area!

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  1. Well, that's the power of the internet: you can find different shops for garden tools with just a few clicks. By the way, what are your favorite must-haves for gardening? Can you share them to us?


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