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Monday, February 28, 2011

PURCHASE: 3 Kinds of Jalapenos (Yellow, Purple, and Green) and More

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If you are curious about how they look, a google search by name turns up dozens of photos. You can see the fruit, plants, and size.

You will get 30 plus seeds of each variety below, except for the Jaloro. They will each be packed in a small letter envelope and sent in a larger letter envelope. These seeds are packed for 2010 and come from bulk puchases I made from multiple seed companies. In some instances they may be seeds I colleceted from last years plants. There are no shipping costs.

Have A Great Season!

If you time it right you can make salsa with orange, red, purple, yellow, and green jalapenos. Nice for the eyes.

Jaloro Jalapeno 20+ seeds (Note 20 seeds)
It is the first yellow jalapeno developed out of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. The fruit is described as a beatiful golden yellow that turns orange, then red. It grows on compacts plants. Heat is equal to your standard jalapeno and it is resistant to 6 pepper viruses. 70 days maturity.

Purple Jalapeno 30+ seeds
The fruit of this pepper turns dark purple and stays that way for a long time. It will eventually turn red. They are a little bit larger then your standard jalapeno and carry the same heat. They color contrast looks great is salsas. 75 days maturity.

Jalapeno M 30+ seeds
Your standard green jalapeno that grows 3 inches long and is about 1 and 1/2 inch wide. It stays dark green for a long time and then turns red. It's great for salsas, nachos, stuffed, and all your hot dish needs. 75 days maturity.

Sweet Banana 30+ seeds
They grow 5-6 inches long and start out light green, change to yellow and orange, and finally red. They are sweet with no heat. Great contrast in salsas and great all around use, cooked or raw. 72 days maturity.

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