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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Selling Million Dollar Space in New York

This guest post from Daryl Glass

The personalities and attitudes of Selling New York are fabulous! The show is real estate, but it's the drama that enfolds that keeps you coming back. Selling New York is on satellite TV that I got after coming across this Satellite tv DVR Deals comparison and it is staged like it is on a Hollywood film set. The agents are dressed in uptown New York style and though the title says New York, the property that they show and sell is mainly in Manhattan, never in upstate or the boroughs. None of the properties would sell for under a million.

What you get to see are the dream condos and lofts that have been redeveloped and rehabbed from old warehouses on the top side of Manhattan, and typically running from 3 million on up. Agent parties with the high society set in from Europe for a few days and meeting at all the right parties and restaurants, is the drama that takes place before a property is purchased. Oftentimes the buyers are so preoccupied with their own lives that they send someone to take pictures of the unit before they'll even come to look at it! Oh what money won't buy in high society New York and if I had an extra ten million to spend on a living space, it just might be on the top floor in downtown Manhattan, overlooking the city and the river. Beautiful!

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