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Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Perennials in, Kohlrabi, and Progress Photos

The seedlings are doing very well.  Right to left you have kales up and chard. Next, you have snapdragons, oregano, and lavender. Finally there is coleus, garlic chives and hidden in the back is rosemary. They were planted on 1/22 and it is now 2/6. They are getting12 hours of timed light.

As I mentioned I found 72 cell seed starting trays for $4. Of course! I have to use them. I added some more perennials. Gloriosa Daisy which are yellows and the key is they bloom after the white daisies die out. I also planted a new plant for butterflies,  Jupiter's Beard. I added French Lavender which has winged flowers on their flower tips (see pic). I also planted my Kohlrabi's which I wrote about in the summer. It is an outstanding vegetable. I planted a red and green variety.

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