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Friday, February 4, 2011

Beat the Snow with Hawaii and Seed Catalogs

When I have time to pass because the gardening season is covered in snow, I search the Internet. I don't only keep a garden blog but also keep a blog that deals with political themes under the disguise of humanity capacity. While pursuing that interest, I encounter a financial, real estate, and political blog that got me to chase the snow away by fantasizing about a vacation in Hawaii or better yet owning land in Hawaii. The blog had many interesting articles about the current state of the real estate markets around the US. It was an upfront fair assessment of the markets.

If I can't make it to Hawaii and the Internet has nothing to offer, the other way I pass time during snow days, is by ordering seed catalogs. The best way to prepare for the new season, while you wait for the new season is to view seed catalogs. One of  the best places to shop on line and order a free catalog is at Tomato Growers. They are packed full of color photos, their prices are fair, and they are very reliable. Another place I have found is Park Seeds. Unlike Tomato Growers, they have all kinds of vegetables, flowers, tools, and other elements of gardening. If you have time, why not order their catalogs. It is free and it helps pass the winter. If you are thinking about the warmth of Hawaii and thumbing through the catalogs, well it's almost like Spring is around the corner.

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