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Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to Prepare Eggshells for Use in the Vegetable Garden: Pulverize and Vinegar

How to Prepare Eggshells for Use in the Vegetable Garden:
 Pulverize and Vinegar

Eggshell are a great source of calcium for the garden. Calcium related problems can lead to tomato blossom end-rot. That is the disease that turns the bottom of your once great looking green tomatoes - brown. Many gardeners treat blossom end-rot preventatively.  That is, they make sure there is enough calcium in the soil for their tomatoes and vegetables to use.

Use... is the key word. Eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate. Yes it is calcium but no it is not easily used by tomato plants in that form. The eggshells need to decompose and be broken down into a usable form of calcium. This is often done through composting. The eggshells you crumble into the planting hole will eventually breakdown over a season. However, to stop or prevent blossom end-rot you need to get calcium to your vegetable plants quickly. The video will give you a method to do this.

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