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Monday, January 13, 2014

Join My G+ Garden Community for 2014 Called: Our Tomato and Vegetable Gardens

Join My G+ Garden Community for 2014 Called: 

I am inviting you to join my  G+ garden community that was started last year. It is approaching 3000 world gardeners. It is a place where you can share your garden, talk to gardeners from around the globe and learn something if you need a bit of help. Or better yet.... help out another gardener that might have a problem that you have already solved.

All aspects of gardening are covered. Seed Starting, Diseases and Pests, Planting and Tending, Greenhouses, Indoor Lighting, Container Gardening, Recipes, Fruits, Flowers, Perennial Plants, Herbs and Tomatoes of course are all represented. Come add to the fun!

I am hoping the 2014 season brings a lot of pictures and videos from everyone's garden to the community. The cool thing is that a lot of gardeners are in full swing because it is summer in their area. There are also a lot of gardeners that live in the tropics and can garden almost year round.


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