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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tomato & Vegetable Grow-Light Box Update: Plant Growth, Lighting Tips and Watering Tips

Tomato & Vegetable Grow-Light Box Update: 
Plant Growth, Lighting Tips and Watering Tips 

The grow-light box has been successful. The seedlings germinated and are growing nicely without being 'leggy.' That is they are getting enough light. I wanted to clarify a few things with the CFL lights. It is very confusing.

The CFL bulbs are often marked in Watts that are equal to the old incandescent bulb. I don't know why but they are. So when you buy a 100 Watt CFL bulb it usually has two wattage marking. The first is the comparative wattage to the old incandescent and the second is the actually wattage it uses. In my videos I am using a 100 watt CFL bulb but it really only uses 23 watts of electricity.

The 100 Watt CFL will heat the box to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I ran a test on it for 6 hours. That is a good temperature.

The video below will give you my tips for growing seedlings, managing lighting and a safe way to water the plants. 

Here is the original construction video of the grow-light box.

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