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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Rusted Garden Seed Give-A-Way for January 2014: Promotion to Follow Me on Twitter and Instagram

The Rusted Garden Seed Give-A-Way for January 2014: 
A Promotion to Follow Me on Twitter and Instagram

My give-a-ways are to promote my blogs and YouTube channels. I am asking that you follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you are interested in having a chance to win a prize. That being said, I am trying to make the prizes interesting and useful.

Win Seeds of 10 Varieties of Small Tomatoes in January 2014

I plan to do an extensive cherry sized and smaller tomato garden this year. I have ordered a lot of seeds. I am giving a way 10 different packs of the tomato varieties I am planting. I only get 25-30 seeds per pack so you will all get about 5 seeds of each of the 10 randomly selected tomato varieties. You can see the varieties of tomatoes that seeds will be picked from here on my blog entry: I'm Growing 20-25 Small Sized Tomatoes for 2014: All Kinds of Colors and Shapes from Pea Sized to Large Cherry

The Rusted Garden Promotion for 2014

To be eligible to win you should follow me on Instagram and Twitter. If these links don't work you can follow link to my blog below and find other links. The accounts are also under the name The Rusted Garden. This is how I will announce the event.

*To clarify you could just follow me on Twitter if you don't have an Instagram account. Instagram just gives you a head up.

How Can I Win the Seeds?

At some point in mid January I will post a picture of the seeds I am giving away. At some point in that day a Tweet will be sent by The Rusted Garden announcing the give-a-way. The first person to re-Tweet the message and show up first in my email will win the prize. The Rusted Garden email gets re-Tweets emailed to it. That is what I will use to identify first winner.

This will be done for the months of January through August. Thanks for helping with the promotion.

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