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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Growing 20-25 Small Sized Tomatoes for 2014: All Kinds of Colors and Shapes from Pea Sized to Large Cherry

I'm Growing 20-25 Small Sized Tomatoes for 2014: 
All Kinds of Colors and Shapes from Pea Sized to Large Cherry

I have focused several seasons on the 1-2 pound tomatoes. I am still growing them but will be dedicating the 2014 vegetable gardening  season to small sized tomatoes. I have 21 varieties at current count and they vary in shape, color and size. I have the small currant/pea sized tomatoes up to the large cherry sized. I will be doing blog and video entries one each variety and spending time shooting a lot of videos on caring for and growing tiny tomatoes.

This is what I am growing so far. Please let me know if you have grown them before and your opinion on them. This is a mix of determinate and indeterminate varieties and some of them produce earlier in the season.

Baxter's Bush (Large Cherry) (Red)

Black Plum (Large Grape) (Mahogany/Purple)

Black Cherry (Small Cherry) (Mahogany/Purple)

Blush (Large Grape) (Yellow w/ Pink Streaks)

Brandywine Plum (Elongated Cherry) (Red)

Coyote (Small Cherry) (Creamy Ivory)

Flamme (Large Cherry) (Orange)

Glacier (Early) (Small Cherry) (Red)

Grape Tomato (Elongated Cherry) (Red)

Indigo Blue Berries (Small Cherry) (Indigo/Black)

Isis Candy (Small Cherry) (Yellow w/ Red Marbling)

Kimberly (Early) (Large Cherry) (Red)

Linda's Mystery (Small Cherry) (Orange)

Matt's Wild Cherry (Currant) (Red)

Principe Borghese (Small Plum) (Red)

Purple Bumble Bee (Small Cherry) (Mahogany/Purple w/ Green Steaks)

Red Pear (Small Pear) (Red)

Riesentraube (Small Cherry/Pointed) (Red)

Sarah's Galapagos (Currant) (Red)

Sweet Pea Currant (Currant) (Red)

Yellow Currant (Currant) (Yellow)

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