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Friday, April 29, 2011

Who Said You Can't Grow Beets in Flats and Transplant Them: Yeah it was me

I saw a video that had beets growing in a flat for transplanting. I wrote about it a bit back and tried it. Here is the final transplant. Again, it is best to transplant on cloudy days.  I planted a spinach flat and beet flat. They stayed outside the whole time and handled the frost fine.

They Look Great!

This saves so much time and room in the garden. I gave the extra to my neighbor. I am going to say it was fully successful even though I only transplanted them 3 days ago. I have no doubt they will grow. And I think the beets will be perfectly fine.

I transplanted them with a spoon.  It is in the beet flat above. I just spooned them out. Beets need to be thinned to 1 plant per spot. The key was to get a lot of soil from the flat.

Spooning out a beet from a flat

I planted the spinach the same way. In this  plot I rotated spinach beet spinach.  I think I did two or three rows.

Spinach being lifted with a spoon

The final transplant. Not bad!

Some quick pictures of thinning the beets. A beet seed is actually a pod with several seeds in it. You are actually planting a bunch of beets in one spot. If more then 1 seed comes up, you have to thin them.

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