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Saturday, April 23, 2011

1st Meal Out of the Garden: Going for 50 Meals

I count it as a garden meal, dinner, if over 50% of it comes from the garden. I would like to try and post 50 meals from the garden. Here is meal 1 and meal 2. Meal 2 was essentially the same but I swapped out the asparagus for arugula and added tilapia.

Meal 1 consisted of wintered kale, chives, wintered onions and asparagus. It was sauteed in olive oil. The only seasonings were coarse ground pepper, sea salt, and dry granulated garlic.

Here is meal 1 in pictures.

Picked right from the garden
Cleaned and chopped up
Saute the onions and kale first to soften it up
Mix in the chives and asparagus
Add in the rice to absorb the flavors

Not much to it but it was outstanding. The flavor was unbelievable. It was enough for 2 days and I made another meal very similar.  If you want to lose weight, trying to use your garden produce as 50% of the dinner really does help. I am now under 200. Broke the barrier over the last 4 days.

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