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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Response to a Question about Over-Wintered Brussel Sprouts

Thank you for this post! I have spindly Kale that survived the winter and I hate to pull it up. Do you know anything about brussel sprouts? I have the same situation with tall stocks that seem to have survived the winter. Should I cut them back as well or leave them and see what happens?

I don't know anything about brussel sprouts. I tried growing them but they did poorly. If they aren't taking up a ton of room, I might trim them back leaf wise and cut one back a few inches from the ground. Experiment... see what happens. I have a suspcision that, like the kale (mine are creating flower heads) the brussel sprouts might also flower and not do much of anything else.

For kales, I know you can keep picking the leaves and flowers and eat them. The winter kale is extra sweet too. I'm just not sure what the BS will give you.
Good Luck! Let me know what happens with the brussel sprouts.

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