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Friday, April 29, 2011

Video Gaming For My Boy

Video gaming for my boy

Written by Sherri Hicks

Not too long ago I was sitting at home on a Saturday and I came across good CLEAR WIRELESS INTERNET pricesusing our dial up connection. I instantly signed up and it’s been nice having a reliable connection at home. The best part about it is that my son’s been able to play his online video games as often as he wants now which he could never do before.

I can’t say that I didn’t wish he had a slightly more academic hobby but I think it’s a good thing he’s working on his cognitive motor skills and developing some digital friendships. Most of the games he likes are team games, so at least he&r! squo;s learning some teamwork skills, too! I do enjoy that he’s at home where I can keep an eye on him and he’s actually getting really good at computers. Who knows, maybe he has a future as a video game developer or something equally as exciting in the technology realm! Whatever he wants to do is fine by me.

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