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Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Update: The Freezing Nights Break

Finally! The freezing nights are gone for now. I have been transplanting my tomatoes to cups. I really pushed the amount to time they stayed in the cells. I just don't have the space to manage all the plants when I can't get them outside. As my wife says, "every year the weather is a problem." True. I guess I need a green house. I will let that one sit a while.

All my radishes are up. I posted a blog on how I test old seeds. The radishes that were 1 and 2 years old are up. I think one pack didn't spring yet. I had to replant my peas. The cold weather was abnormally cold and they rotted. I actually dug up peas that were rotted. On a good note, the peas I put in cells are up. I will transplant them. Let's see if tranplanted peas are problematic.

The spinach is up. The white flies are gone from my wintered kale. I am waiting on beets and carrots to show their faces. I have exotic melons sprouting under the grow lights. I am in the process of hardening off my tomatoes. It is a lot of work moving plants in and out but it is actually great exercise.

I plant to build a very primitive plastic sheet cold frame to allow my tomatoes to stay out over night. I prefer 50 degree nights but there will be a lot of 40 degree nights. I hope to build a system that buys them a few degrees.  I'll blog the process with pictures.

I also planted potatoes in containers and in a plastic bag. A blog of potato planting will be arriving soon.

Good luck to all!

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