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Friday, April 29, 2011

Pictures of My Herb Garden Before and After Clean Up

I am slowly moving through my beds and getting them ready. This is my herb area.  Clean up consisted of getting rid of all the unwanted chives, weeds, and all the herbs got cut back hard. New mulch too!

The containers (on the deck) were all cleaned out and the soil was amended and returned. The plants all came from perennials in my yard. I moved them to better pots. The key to transplanting perennials is to try and get a lot of root but also do it on consecutive days of NO full sun. The heat hurts them. 48 hours of cloudy weather is great. Rain is even better.

You can see red containers. They are 18 gallons. They only cost 4.99 from Walmart. They will be getting 3 or 4 of the dwarf container tomatoes put in them this weekend. The key is soil that will hold water but make sure you cut a drainage hole. Don't cut the hole in the bottom. All the water will drain out. Create a reservoir by cutting a hole in the side about 2 inches from the bottom. The pooling water won't harm the plant and will help maintain moisture during the heat of July and August. You do need a drainage hole or your plant will literally suffocate and drown.

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