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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Rusted Vegetable Garden Hits 200,000 Views

 The Rusted Vegetable Garden Hits 200,000 Views

I have had my blog The Rusted Vegetable Garden since 2009. I enjoy gardening and my passion drives this blog and my Google+ Communities.

Only fellow gardeners can appreciate the peace that is found in the garden and the pride found in eating your own garden grown vegetables as well as sharing them with others. I am glad I can share the feelings that go along with looking at seed catalogs, getting seeds in the mail and sharing pictures of tomatoes. Simplicity is the key to life. I'm glad others get it. Hard work at times Yes! but still a simplicity.

I am amazed that we have the tools to instantly post and chat with gardeners from around the globe. That is just amazing and a lot of fun.

In celebration of this blog hitting 200,000 views and sharing something I have a passion for... I am giving away some heirloom tomato seeds. If you are one the first 5 to reply below, I would be glad to send you some seeds. Just  reply to this entry and send your mailing address to me at

Good luck in 2013! Growing things is good!

Thanks for Vistiing

PS The 5 Free Seed Packs have been claimed. TY.

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