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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Rusted Vegetable Garden Celebrates 1000 YouTube Subscribes: Give-A-Way

One Thousand YouTube Subscribers and...
Heirloom Tomato Seed 10 Pack Give-A-Way

I have had my garden blog for several years and really just started making HD gardening videos last year. I now have over 110 garden videos on YouTube. This year I am reaching some fun milestones and I want to thank everyone that helped me achieve one of my goals... My YouTube Garden Channel reached 1000 subscribers.

I work full time and gardening is, simply put, fun and relaxing. Gardening is somewhere between a hobby and a way of life for me. I enjoy sharing it with other people that carry the same passion. I like seeing how my efforts literally grow. Both in the garden and with my blog, communities and videos.

That be said.... THANKS! I am giving-a-way a 10 pack of heirloom tomato seed to a random replier to this blog entry. I will pick a random responder on Sunday at 9pm and send them a 10 pack of heirloom tomato seeds- hand collected from the Rusted Vegetable Garden.

If you are interested in winning the seeds. Just reply Seed Give-A-Way or something like that in the comments/reply section of this blog post.


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