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Monday, February 25, 2013

Oregano, Sage & Thyme: Seed Starting, Transplanting & Acclimation - Getting Them Outside!

Oregano, Sage & Thyme: Seed Starting, Transplanting & Acclimation
(Getting Them Outside!)

This the general process for getting most of your indoor seedlings outside. I highlight the process with oregano, sage and thyme. They can handle the cool weather. The video shows all the steps and offers a lot of tips.

 The Basic Process for Herbs

You start them in flats under grow-lights. In 6-8 weeks they are ready for transplant cups. They will stop or slow their growth if left too long in the seed cells. Herbs are much more forgiving if left too long in cells than other vegetables.

If weather permits, you move them in and out of the great outdoors to acclimate them to the sun and cooler weather. A shelf greenhouse unit make the acclimation process so much easier. Acclimation takes about a week. In 2 or 3 more weeks you will have mature herb transplants, ready for your garden. Just in time for Spring!

I spent maybe $25 on the supplies needed to start my herbs. The finished process, as you will see, nets me about 100 herb transplants. I can recycle the flats, tins and cups for next year. The cost gets cheaper. So... at about $3 a transplant from a local store, I have $300 of herbs. Starting your herbs and vegetables indoors will save you money. Here is a look at the whole process to getting them outside so they can finish maturing.

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  1. Do you have a problem with the aluminum reflecting the sun onto the plants? Or are all those reflected light rays beneficial?

    1. No trouble. It is by design. The reflecting light is a bonus when indoors. It wont harm them outside either.


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