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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Basic Grow-Light Closet Design: The Right Lighting

Basic Grow-Light Closet Design: Lighting Intensity

You can design your grow-closet in a 1000 different ways depending on your space and needs. The key, no matter what design, is the right intensity of lighting. I use fluorescent bulbs as do most grow-light closets.

Grow-Light Closet - The Rusted  Vegetable Garden Blog
The key as described in the video is to keep your bulbs 1-2 inches above the soil/starting mix when seeds are germinating and 1-2 inches above the leaves for your future transplants.

Grow-Light Closet - The Rusted Garden Blog
Poor lighting creates 'leggy' seedlings and transplants. You can also use foil to reflect light back towards the seedlings and keep warmth in, for germination.

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