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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seed Starting Peas Indoors & Container Plantings: Get Peas 4 Weeks Early!

Seed Starting Peas Indoors & Container Plantings

I once believed peas were fragile and could not take frost. I was wrong. I once believed peas should not be started indoors. I was wrong. Peas are a great early spring, late winter, crop that can take light frost and they do well when started indoors.

Peas can handle the cold. They can't handle prolonged freezing temperatures and that is what I have in my area right now. But I can start them indoors, transplant them into containers and move them in and out of my house as weather dictates.

Why do this? I can get peas a full month early! Peas can be grown in containers as the weather creeps back into the 40's. They will grow extremely well. The earth beds, and even raised beds, are often too cold and too soggy during this time. Peas planted in soggy cold earth will typically mold and rot. That is were indoor seed starting and container plantings for peas come into action.

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  1. Hi Thank you for all your great tips. I ran into this Peat Moss article What are your thoughts?

  2. Wow you got a good start on the peas already. That's great. I don't have any cell packs left. I trashed them all last year. Is there anything wrong with just starting the peas in a five gallon bucket?

  3. where are the drain holes o the buckets?


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