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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Was on Vacation: My Transplant Beans Are Ready for the Garden!

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I took 7 days to visit the beach. We had 100 degree temperature while I was gone on vacation. The weeds have over-grown my garden but for the most part it looks pretty good. The cabbage loopers got  a week without Bt and did eat holes in my kale.

But... that is how it goes. I did start beans in cups before I left that sprouted nicely while I was away. Starting warm season crops in cups is a great way to create transplants that can go into spaces in your garden or replace a spent crop. Tomorrow I will be removing my carrots and will put in some beans. Of course there is a rabbit in my yard that ate down all (yes all} my young bush beans before I left.

Below are 2 great varieties of beans. I grew them last year. Don't think green beans are the only beans you can grow.

'Christmas Pole' Lima Beans - The Rusted Garden Blog
'Black Turtle' Beans Bush Type - The Rusted Garden Blog

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