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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recipe: Large Zucchini - Breaded, Fried or Parmesan

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You can find zucchini  in the grocery store but it is usually small. Breaded and fried zucchini or zucchini Parmesan or Parmesian is a great way to utilize large (I mean large) zucchini. You can only grow these. I typically use this recipe when I go away on vacation and return to find mega zucchini in the garden.

This what I found when I returned from a 7 day vacation to the Outer Banks.

Large Zucchini for Breading - The Rusted Garden Blog

The recipe is a basic recipe that you can follow and adjust to taste. This recipe provides you the basics for breading and fry the large zukes.  You can add tomato sauce and cheese right at the end too, for a Parmesan preparation if you like.

Slice the zucchini up into approximately 1/4 inch slices. You can go thinner but you don't want to go to much larger because it won't cook through and the breading will over fry.

Sliced Zucchini for Breading - The Rusted Garden Blog

About 4 or 5 eggs will be plenty of batter base for a large zucchini. I use two kinds of bread crumbs. A basic seasoned type and Panko bread crumbs for the extra crisp. I mix them to equal parts and make enough to cover what I am frying. I do not add season to the bread crumbs. You can salt and pepper the egg batter lightly to taste. They will get seasoned as you fry them.

Egg Batter for Fried Zucchini - The Rusted Garden Blog
Bread Crumbs for Fried Zucchini - The Rusted Garden Blog

Whisk the eggs together. Soak both sides of the zuke slices in the egg for a few seconds. Coat them in the bread crumbs and stack them. I don't use flour. If you want a better crust... add a dousing of flour in the steps. That would be soak the zuke, dip them in flour, soak them in egg again and proceed with the rest of the steps.

Coat the Zucchini in Egg - The Rusted Garden Blog
Bread Both Zucchini Sides - The Rusted Garden Blog
Bread Zucchini for Frying - The Rusted Garden Blog

Fry each side of your zucchini for about 4 minutes on medium high heat. I have an electric stove and the setting I use is 7 on a 10 setting scale.

I make a seasoning of salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. I sprinkle each side lightly while in they fry in the pan.

Fried Zucchini Side One - The Rusted Garden Blog

Fried Zucchini Side Two - The Rusted Garden Blog

This is what it looks like without flouring the zuke. I prefer a lighter breading as to get less oil soaked into my meal. You want to put enough oil in the pan as to allow each side to oil up and fry. Don't over due it with oil.

Finished Fried Zucchini - The Rusted Garden Blog

Add some grated Parmesan cheese after the first flip. You can use Mozzorella. You can put some tomato sauce on them before the cheese is added. This is a great basic way to bread and fry up your large zucchini.


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